In "Scalable C" @hintjens shares a priceless experience. Thoughtful and influential so far. Can't wait to read cont.

— Evgeny (@antaev) January 17, 2016

“(…) If the solution works, keep it. Otherwise throw it out. Repeat until exhausted, broke, or dead.” @hintjens is writing a new book.

— Mathias Verraes (@mathiasverraes) January 17, 2016

@jen20 @hintjens Might be time for me to relearn C :)

— Jose Samonte Jr. (@dyowee) January 17, 2016

Just read the first parts of "Scalable C" by @hintjens - nodding vigorously right now.

— James Nugent (@jen20) January 17, 2016

Been a few years since I wrote a little C and it was.. painful. Now @hintjens is tempting me back :-) Scalable C book looks good so far..

— Raymond Roestenburg (@RayRoestenburg) January 17, 2016

@hintjens :D, I look forward to your Scalable C. Thanks for taking up the torch to write it.

— NaN; a fremen 6int (@_ZPH) January 16, 2016

"99.99% of people doing an insane thing does not make it less insane" @hintjens

— Tom Van Looy (@tvlooy) January 16, 2016

Scalable C. @hintjens is kicking off a new book. This will be interesting.

— Jonas Bonér (@jboner) January 16, 2016

@hintjens Enjoyed the first three chapters of 'Scalable C'! Thanks for the practical tips and principles, will help greatly in my coding.

— Rob de la Cruz (@robdelacruz) January 16, 2016

@hintjens The problem-solution format you have is very good and helpful. You've done a great job ordering them in a natural flow too.

— Tommy Back (@murr3katt) January 16, 2016

haha. I was actually doing something else, but I couldn't help start reading Scalable C...I really like your humour @hintjens :-D

— Tommy Back (@murr3katt) January 16, 2016

@hintjens Thanks for so much hard earned battle wisdom. Even if you are totally wrong about skipping braces on one line if statements.

— Daniel Von Fange (@danielvf) January 16, 2016